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Helium wave ball

Helium wave ball

Product description
  Helium wave ball really began production in the late 70s of last century, because before the children play latex balloons easily burst, and gas retention time is relatively short, so people have always wanted to develop a balloon that can hold gas for a long time Airtight, but also to bear the weight of children's balloons. Finally found the aluminum film in the late 70s this material. Helium is an inert gas, so there's no danger of filling balloons. These helium balloons are not only very beautiful on the surface, they are also produced in various shapes and sizes, including dinosaurs, Mickey, Donald Duck, dolphins, airplanes, tigers, elephants, etc. Balloon Helium wave ball by the advent of loved by the people. Aluminum balloons are suitable for many occasions, can be used as advertising balloons, is the best gift of major companies, companies advertising products. Helium wave ball can also be used as a birthday party balloon, can create a cheerful, peaceful atmosphere, making the guests to participate in the mood. At the same time helium wave ball as a Valentine's Day gift to your lover is also a good choice, such as a beautifully designed, printed with the expression of love aluminum balloon, together with flowers and chocolate, oh! I think your lover will be happy to accept it! You can even put balloons on the surface of your favorite photos of people, and now many shops abroad to provide such services.

50 Helium Balloon cylinder(氦气钢瓶)13L(13.4L)瓶子重量cylinder weight3.7-4kg

1.5*30P(钢板steel plate 1.5MM)纸箱carton 245*245*425,压力pressure(s.p/t.p2.7/3.45MPa,400/500 PSI)

latex Balloons    (乳胶气球)

Number Of Balloons (数量)





Foil Balloons  (铝膜球)

Number Of Balloons (数量)






above quantity for reference, inflatable varies from person to person

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