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Soaring 150! Set off robbed big boom! Scrap also continue to rise!

Release time :2018-1-3 19:06:10
  Soaring 150! Set off robbed big boom! Scrap also continue to rise!
  Today's domestic scrap continued its strong run. As the price increase led by Shagang, the leading steel maker in east China, ended this weekend, the national market is still in a good shape. Some steel companies even have the second pull-up. Although the rate of increase this time larger pull, generally around 100-150, but did not fully meet the expectations of the steel mills, many steel mills arrival is still normal, but also led to the rush of market seizures, good cargo difficult income, docks, venues continue Increase the receiving price, the actual transaction in general. Today, Tangshan scrap stable, a heavy A level - the price coexist chaos in the price, the new East China Sea 2200 Hong Kong 2180 Yan Steel 2150; Yan Steel a broken 2400 Ordinary broken particles 2230; Zhongshan, Foshan red expected grab cargo is still serious, the market price chaos , High and low - large spread. On the whole, the current steel mills' refinancing wishes have not yet been met. Coupled with the recent good profits, the short-term scrap prices are expected to continue to be firm and their preference is to run.
  On the 5th Tangshan scrap steady in a tone, weight A co-existence of high and low price chaos, the new East China Sea 2200, Hong Kong Land 2180, Yan Steel 2150; Yan steel a broken 2400, ordinary broken material particles 2230; Xinda 1-4 thick 2 Cut the material to the factory in 1960, small template 1990.
  On the 5th Tangshan Ruifeng steel thin scrap unchanged 2120, the remaining increase 20-250, after the transfer of waste 2220, light waste 2190, heavy A2620, heavy B2570, horseshoe thickness 2470 thin 2370,08 aluminum briquettes 2220, broken pieces of material 2490 , Silicon steel sheet 2320, template 2090, ship 2070, the first look at the steel billet price.
  On the 5th Tangshan Fu Xin regeneration up: Length 1.5 width 1 m cut material 1920, length 2 width 1.5 m 1900, Caiwa 1600, frame keel 1700, pure scrap 1800, mixed wire 1500, broken pig iron, Radiator, body parts 1850, Tie pin pressure cake 1920.
  On the 5th, the pick-up price of pick-up part 100: Pies head 2620, small discus 2670, cut steel head 2680,15 thick above the scrap 2580, thin trim 2530.
  Tianjin steel scrap steel prices rise on the 5th, adjusted heavy 2380, medium 2240, small 2100.
  On the 5th Tianjin Tianye scrap part of the increase, after the transfer of more than 10 thick converter heavy waste 2350,8 thick heavy waste 2220,15 above 2460, excluding tax.
  5 Yuncheng Shengyi Steel Works scrap up 100: heavy waste material 2185, a 2035, scrap parts 2085, steel cutting block 1835, thin material 1785, cold plate compact 2035, steel compact 2035, a crusher 2135 .
  At 12:00 on the 5th from Shanxi Jianlong scrap up 90: 3 10 cm thick punches 2470,12 thick 10 cm steel 2470,10 heavy waste 2240,6 heavy waste 2070,10 thick steel plate 2290,6 thick steel plate 2200,16 rough 50 Common bar 2210, scrap oil 2070, excluding tax.
  5, rising steel mills scrap up: Special 2220 (12 thick cars consistent), a material 2050 (6 thick), two materials 1890 (4 thick), three materials 1610 (3 thick Above), the above specifications 60 * 80, steel pressure cake pause, rebar 1940.
  On the 5th Shanxi Jianbang scrap up, highly dense steel (steel ball, punch, gear, etc.) 2380, concentrate a 10 thick 2230; heavy super (billet head, train wheels) 20 thick 2250,1 10 thick 2200, Level 2 8 thickness 2100,3 level 6 thickness 2000, steel bar 1700, 1400 medium-sized scrap.
  On the 5th Chifeng pipe industry rose more than 6 thick scrap 2550-2590, 2450-2500 machine iron, less than 6 thick all rejected, including tax.
  5, Inner Mongolia, Asia, the new scrap price adjustment, 10 thick 2050,6 thick 1980, specifically to see the goods price.
  On the 5th, Liaoning Fushun Special Steel scrap bidding price rose 100, adjusting the ship's sheet metal 2480, heavy cutting 2350, cutting 2170, acceptance tax included.
  On the 5th Liaoning Dudu scrap adjustment: Plate over 8 thick 2330, heavy waste 12 more than 2260, heavy waste 8-10 thick 2170, steel head more than 12 thick 500 or less 2250, fine material beans 2400, iron cake pressure first-class 2000 , 08 Aluminum 500 * 800 within 2200, 2230 first-class steel.
  5, Jilin Xinda scrap pick-up value: more than 8 thick fine material, 6 thick plate Jiazi 2120; 4 thick high-quality scrap 2020,6 heavy A2020, heavy B1930, 2-4 cut 1700, rebar 1500, excluding tax .
  From midnight on the 5th, Nangang raised the purchase price of scrap steel in the three steel mills by 150 yuan in a unified way, taking the unloading date as the standard.
  On the 5th, the steel mills in Xuzhou's Beifeng Steel Plant have been raised by 80-100 tons. The shredded iron chips 1950 have been scrapped 1950 (steel shavings require no net, no strips, no scraps, no impurities, no rust), broken materials 1950 Broken material requirements without impurities, no paint, no rust, diameter not more than 6cm), the above are to the factory price, excluding tax.
  5 Xuzhou East Asia scrap increased 100, the highest adjusted steel sheet 2200, specifically to see the goods to the price, excluding tax.
  On the 5th Japan's steel scrap rose 50-150, industrial waste 2530-2690, 2370-2500 heavy scrap, scrap 2180-2250, the specific price list shall prevail.
  On the 5th Tai'an Yongan metal rose 50-100, spent box broken 1350, thin material 1650, excluding tax.
  Zhenjiang Hongtai on the 5th raised 30, after the transfer: steel scrap 2070, machine pig iron, die steel 2070, refined charge, steel head 2010, steel briquetting 2010, car shredder 2010, red leather 1920, steel shavings a 1820 , CNC shavings a 1770, Pu shaving 1670, wool 1510-1850, excluding tax.
  On the afternoon of the 5th, Yangzhou Huahang Special Steel Co., Ltd rose: the processing of heavy scrap below 40, steel head 2010, processing of steel plate below 40, scrap 2070, small mechanical pig iron, high carbon steel, die steel, Crushed steel shavings level 1830 two 1780, broken CNC shavings level 1780 two 1730.
  On the 5th, Wuxi New Three Continents Special Steel scrap part of the increase, after the transfer of steel sheet 2320, die steel 2220, heavy waste 2130, in the waste stop packing 1550, silicon steel sheet 2050, heat 2500, 2490 steel cut, cold Chong 2350, 2240 melon seeds, broken material level 2080, broken material two 1960, excluding tax.
  On the 5th Ningbo Xingang scrap steel rose 40, adjusted mold 2020-2080, steel head 1760-1820, heavy waste, castings 1720-1740, waste, automobile beams 1620-1660, small waste 1340-1420, small pig iron 1740- 1760, Daiko 1840-1880, excluding tax.
  On the 5th Ningbo Jiangying foundry scrap increased 40, red sheet 1900-2100, silicon steel 1900-1980, 2120 manganese steel, heavy waste 1980, steel head 1940.
  5 Cixi Ming Steel scrap prices increase: a furnace 1860-1900, furnace two 1780-1820, scissors material 1660-1700, excluding tax.
  On the 5th Jieyang Guo Xin Scrap and then up 50, mold 2240, injection molding machine, sheet metal 2100, pig iron 2070, steel bag 2000, crushed material 1670, pure red shear block 1720.
  On the 15th, the average price of Shaoguan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. listed up 80, adjusted after the newspaper reported 1908, cash including tax, see the manufacturer price list.
  On the 5th Wuzhou price rose 30, Premium 1870, special thick 1840, thick cut 1760, scattered scattered pieces 1790, pure cut 1430, all scrap to the factory acceptance subject, Premium can not be mixed with wrought iron.
  In the first half of December, the prices of scrap in Xiangtan Iron and Steel are as follows: 2170 for the base price, 2120 for the second-stage briquetting, 1760 for the shaving iron briquette, 1600 for the ordinary briquetting and 1890 for the scrap, including tax acceptance.
  On the 5th Luzhou Yixin up: Coke steel pig iron 1980,6 on the side of the charge, 12 on the thread charge, steel 1950, briquetting 1920, heavy waste 6-10 thick 1920, waste 1850,2-6 thick 1700-1750 , Two coarse 1600, wood shaving 1550, 1750-1850 plate edge, 1820 angle steel, bridge steel 1700,4-6 wool 1650-1700, 1550-1650 beams.
  On the 5th Changfeng scrap to the plant: cast iron castings 2000, the first 10 thick steel, scrap 8 thick 2000, excellent heavy waste 8-12 on 1940-2000, heavy waste 6-8 thick 1870-1940, waste 4 -6 thick 1800-1870, light waste 2-4 thick 1640-1800, thick 1450-1640 (processing 50 processing fee 80-150), 3-6 thick broken raw material 16-20-1820 (length and width 2 meters or less) .
  On the 5th Guanghan De Sheng receiving price: steel 1980 pieces; die steel forged pieces of another bargain, 12mm steel head 1980, heavy waste 8 or more 1950-1980,6-8 thick 1880-1950,4-6 thick 1780- 1880 (50 or less), 4 thick temporary suspension; a large number of income cooked shredded iron.
  5 Guiyang Minda pig iron coke steel purchase price: pig iron, coke mixed length and width not exceeding 60 cm 1900-1950, 50 cm length of a pure processing material 1750 yuan (pure materials include: steel, workers, angle , Channel steel, 0.8 above iron. Adulterated with other materials will be based on two materials prices are not more than 1450 yuan. Strict implementation of the above), steel scrap 1430-1480, temporary suspension of other materials.
  5, the capital of Guiyang, a special steel scrap prices: 1700 medium and heavy materials, medium-sized materials 1650, 60 * 60 specifications.
  On the 6th, Qian'an Shougang low-sulfur scrap increased 150%, adjusted low-sulfur scrap 2530, including tax.
  On the 6th the price of pick-up steel to move up: the demolition of the ship 4 thick 2040, galvanized edge wire 2040; 10 thick heavy 2130,6 thick medium-sized large bridge plate, 12 more than steel 2110 (08 aluminum 2060 two 2040), 70x70 , Scrap, pig iron, with oil, plastic rejection.
  On the 6th Cangzhou Daluipu scrap up 100, briquetting unchanged: transfer heavy 4 thick 1930, medium 2-4 thick 1830, expected 1-2 thick 1730, thin material 1 thick 1130, compact 1970.
  6 Xuzhou Jin Hong rose 50, steel sheet 2020-2120, steel head, hot red, horseshoe 2020, punch 2020, angle channel 1870, frame broken 2120, tile broken 1920, spent box broken 1820, steel planer 1950 -1990, Digital Control 1890-1930, Epsilon 1850-1870, excluding tax.