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Fried pot! Rich without goods! Price surge struck! Scrap keep up 100!

Release time :2018-1-3 19:04:40

Fried pot! Rich without goods! Price surge struck! Scrap keep up 100!


Tangshan Iron and Steel City, part of the rise today, of which 145 strip up 30, the mainstream 4180 factory, the ship can still; section steel rose 20-50, 4220-44250 mainstream labor 4220-4250, turnover has risen, 16 steel mill out before noon 10,200 tons of goods; scaffolding tube loose 20, hot roll, plate steady, clinch a deal. Qian'an Qian'an manufacturers billet rose 50, with the rest of the afternoon up 50%. As of 13:30, Hongxing and Guoyi, Xinglong ex-factory price 3870 yuan / ton; Rongxin, 318 yuan / ton; 165 rectangular billet 3890 yuan / ton, low alloy billet 3970 yuan / ton. The main raw material market stabilized a strong, the futures market, closing mixed, black generally rosy, the afternoon rose rapidly! Coking up 3%, iron ore rose nearly 2%, thermal coal, hot rolled, rebar and other up over 1%. Steel, Anshan Iron and Steel rose 150! Baosteel, Wuhan soaring 350! Shaogang, Nangang, Yangtze River Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Steel, Kunming Iron and Steel, Shaanxi Iron and Steel more than two dozen joint pull up slightly! Environmental protection, 2017 "the history of the most stringent stop order" struck on the 15th, environmental pressure, accompanied by a surge in price hikes! Many industries into the wealthless goods stage! Into 2017, the steel business people can be described as bitter and bitter, seeing 2017 is about to pass, near the year off, a larger wave of price hikes again.

In many cases, the futures market is just like the entertainment industry. Each product is like a celebrity. It always wants to engage in speculation to attract attention. Otherwise, you really do not know how to stand out from the crowds and reach the summit.


  Anshan Iron and Steel rose 150 yuan / ton!
  Angang Steel Sheet December price adjustment announcement
  Anshan Iron and Steel December 2017 product price policy, based on the product price policy in November to adjust as follows:
  1, hot rolled coil: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  2, cold-rolled coil: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  3, galvanized: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  4, hot pickling: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  5, rolling hard products: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  6, non-oriented silicon steel: base price unchanged.
  7, color coating: base price increase 150 yuan / ton.
  8, plate: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  9, seamless tube: the same base price.
  10, wire: the same base price.
  11, Profile: Base price 100 yuan / ton.
  12, thread: base price increase 100 yuan / ton.
  13, other policies remain unchanged.
  Baosteel soared 350 yuan / ton! !
  Announcement on Price Adjustment of Domestic Futures Sales of Baosteel Carbon Steel Plate in December 2017
  After research and decision, in December 2017 Baosteel plate domestic sales price adjustment in November based on the following announcement (the following are not including tax price):
  A thick plate (Baoshan, Dongshan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Second, hot-rolled (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Third, pickling (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Fourth, the general cold (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Fifth, hot dip galvanized (Baoshan, Dongshan, Meishan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Six, galvanized
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Seven, Galvanized (Baoshan, Meishan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Eight, non-oriented electrical steel (Baoshan, Dongshan)
  Base price remains unchanged.
  Nine, oriented electrical steel
  Tax increase of 350 yuan / ton.
  X. The above price adjustment notice shall take effect as of the date of promulgation.
  XI, the price adjustment notice of the power of interpretation Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center.
   Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Marketing Center
  November 10, 2017
  WISCO up 350 yuan / ton!
  WISCO announced in December price adjustment of carbon steel sheet
  November 10, WISCO introduced December 2017 product price policy, "October 12 WISCO introduced November 2017 product price policy" as a benchmark, the specific adjustments are as follows:
  First, hot-rolled areas:
  constant. Now 5.75mm * 1500 * C Q235 hot-rolled coil implementation price of 4630 yuan / ton, (tax included: 5417.1 yuan / ton).
  Second, cold-rolled area:
  Base price unchanged, adjust the price adjustment from the group. Now 1.0mm * 1250 * C Q195 cold rolled coil implementation price of 5470 yuan / ton, (tax included: 6399.9 yuan / ton).
  Third, hot-dip galvanizing:
  constant. Now 1.0mm * 1000 * C DX51D + Z hot dip galvanized sheet implementation price of 6980 yuan / ton, (tax included: 8166.6 yuan / ton).
  Fourth, galvanized areas:
  CQ-class base price increase tax 117 yuan / ton, the other unchanged; specification group distance adjustment plus or minus.
  Fifth, pickling steel:
  Six, color coating:
  constant. Now 0.45mm * 1000 * C TDC51D + Z color coated execution price of 7150 yuan / ton, (including tax: 8365.5 yuan / ton).
  Seven, non-oriented silicon steel:
  constant. Now 0.5mm * 1200 * C 50WW600 electrical steel implementation price of 6580 yuan / ton, (tax included: 7698.6 yuan / ton).
  Eight, the orientation of silicon steel:
  Increase tax 350 yuan / ton.
  Nine, wire:
  Cable tax raised tax 50 yuan / ton, other varieties unchanged.
  Ten, profiles:
  The above adjustments are not described are not including tax price, the implementation date from November 10, 2017 onwards.
  Let's take a look at the scrap, the mainstream of the domestic scrap market steady today, narrow range adjustment in some areas. By region, North China: the dominant market Some cities in Hebei have announced the implementation of specific measures to limit production, with the hot metal production limit of 50% for the long-term steel mill is concerned, even if the steel plant continue to try to use a variety of ways to increase Large amount of scrap, the absolute amount of scrap steel will eventually decline. However, the current market reaction is not strong, part of the high-quality material prices center of gravity shift, the vane Tangshan weight A mainstream 1980-2060. East China: Leading steel enterprises generally decline in the volume of imports, this year will pass Jiangsu Jiang deducted 58 billion tax revenue, the vast majority of suppliers are faced with no votes or billing restrictions embarrassing situation, further lead to funds not normal week, It will become the main reason for the unsustainable supply from the supply and demand point of view, the short term price increases more likely steel. South China: the local steel mills have not changed drastically, Yue Yufeng part up 20, Derun part up 30, Baofeng, Shaogang and other steady. However, due to the recent freight rates continued to rise, such as Guangdong stamping material shipments difficult, the price slightly lower, Zhongshan, Foshan Chong mainstream 1530-1560 high.
  On the 14th Tangshan scrap main stable: weight A mainstream 1980-2060 individual low, the new East China Sea, the old East China Sea 1980, Hong Kong land 2000, 318, Jiujiang 2030; Yan Gang 2060, silicon steel 2000, red beans 2300; horseshoe 2100 Left and right, a crushing material 1950-2000.
  On the 14th Chifeng Pipe industry scrap up more than 6 thick scrap up 50 to 2310-2370, the aircraft up 40 to 2230-2280, less than 6 thick will be rejected, including tax.
  On the 14th, Binzhou Guangfu price adjustment, heavy waste 4 thick 1550-1600, a heavy-duty 1850, new charge 2100. The price is for reference only, the specific quality goods price high price, excluding tax.
  14th Qihe Yongfeng latest receipt price: 4mm New material briquette 2010,2-4mm New material briquette 1990, fine material (scrap) 1885,8mm bulk 1925,10mm bulk 1945, pure car shelf, car basket Fragmented 1905, reject oil, long, galvanized, inconsistent up and down the goods, excluding tax.
  On the 14th Shouguang Baolong rose 20, special heavy material 8mm1820, a fine 6mm1770, two heavy waste 4mm1720, three materials expected 2mm1600, four thin material 980,6 more than steel rebar 1830, small shear Material 4mm1770, cut small material 2mm1650.
  On the 14th Ningbo nine days of heavy forging scrap prices for the following adjustments, the furnace 1640, 1600, 1470, 1330, mechanical gray mouth 1570, shavings 1370, oil foam sawing machine foam child foam 1140, cut waste, Tax included
  On the 14th Jiangxi Jiujiang Scrap part up 100, concentrate 2080, heavy 1930, waste 1960, waste 1930, cast iron 1910, steel briquetting 2050, cold-rolled briquetting 2030, galvanized briquette 1900, shaving briquettes 1840 , Life block 1380 cancel volume increase, including tax acceptance.
  Hubei Zaoyang on the 14th Li Jin scrap prices: pig iron, steel to the factory up to 1750, to see the price of wrought iron watch.
  On the 14th, the price of Hanye Special Steel increased, with the exception of heavy-class waste being 1830, general waste of 1670 and general waste of 1510.
  On the 14th, Guangdong Heyuan Derun factory part rose 30, mechanical pig iron, die steel 1860, refined furnace material 1720 (processing 40 cm), punch 5% above 1720, Cape shavings 1350, NC, broken steel shavings level 1450.
  On the 14th Longchuan Hang Hui Steel scrap prices: Die iron 1830, machine pig iron, high carbon steel 1680-1760, red edge trim 1570-1620, steel head 1580-1630.
  On the 14th Jieyang Guo Xin Iron and Steel scrap prices: mold 1950, injection molding machine, 1810 thick sheet metal, cast iron 1780, 1710 steel bag, crushed material 1380, pure punching 1430.
  14 Anshan source Xin scrap steel price adjustment, heavy A requirements of 12 or more in 1950, heavy B requirements of 8 or more 1900, heavy C requirements of 6 or more 1840, A requirements of 4 or more 1750 steel 1800, look at the goods price, the highest steel parts 1800 Arrival is the end.
  14, Chaoyang Tietong scrap steel price adjustment, 1-3 cut material 1520,1-3 thin material 1450, less than 1 light material 1350; prohibited to carry fuel tanks, paint tubes, wire and so on.