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Helium tank can save how long helium

Release time :2018-1-3 19:04:12
   Helium has good stability and can theoretically be stored for a long time. However, the helium gas cylinders are valid. The gas cylinders on the packages are all used for a long time. Any expired gas cylinders must be sent to a department for safety inspection, Only continue to use.
  Bottled helium in transport storage, should be used when stacked, not close to open flames and heat, should be near fire, do not grease, do not burst sun, do not heavy throw, do not hit, no cylinder body Arc or arc is prohibited savage loading and unloading, short-term movement of helium cylinders should be used special trolley barrels, long-distance moving cylinder application of dangerous goods transport vehicles transport. The temperature of liquid helium -268.9 ℃, contact with the skin can cause severe frostbite.
  Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic non-flammable gas stored in cylinders. As its content increases lead to oxygen content below 19.5% may cause suffocation. Equipped with self-priming breathing mask. Bottled gas products for high-pressure filling gas, the use of decompression should be decompression before use. Packaged cylinders are used on the life of all the expired cylinders must be sent to a department for safety inspection before they can continue to use. When gas is used in each bottle of gas, the residual pressure in the bottle should be kept at 0.5MPa and the minimum pressure should not be lower than 0.25MPa. The bottle valve should be closed to ensure the gas quality and safety. Bottled gas products in the transport storage, should be used when stacked, non-combustible gas and combustion gas stacked together, not close to open flame and heat, should be near fire, do not dip wax, do not burst sun, do not re-throw Do not impact, it is forbidden to carry out arc or arc on gas cylinder, and barbarous loading and unloading is strictly prohibited.