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Helium cylinder benefits

Release time :2018-1-3 19:03:48
  Because helium gas is contained inside a helium cylinder, the gas is an inert gas and has a light weight. The gas filled in the helium cylinder is safe and practical instead of a dangerous hydrogen balloon. The bursting disc set on the helium cylinder is not used in a helium cylinder Caution by other objects hit or accidentally dropped to the ground, resulting in internal pressure instability, the rupture disc will automatically bounce, release the gas inside the tank to avoid the risk of explosion of gas cylinders; ladder-shaped gas nozzle for a variety of Specifications inflatable balloon to avoid leakage caused by waste, inflatable efficiency, easy and simple.
  When inflating the balloon, put the balloon on the gas nozzle, turn on the rotary switch, slightly bend the gas nozzle, helium will enter the balloon, observe the size of the balloon and control the gas output. When the size of the balloon is appropriate, Air nozzle flat, you can prevent the leak of helium, pinch the mouth of the balloon has been filled with balloons, replace the balloon is not filled, the nozzle bent, continue to inflate the balloon, all the balloons filled, the spin Tight rotary switch, flat air nozzle, easy to operate, easy to use. When helium gas cylinder is not enough helium, unscrew the gas nozzle, through the gas outlet into the helium cylinder filled with helium gas can be. A helium cylinder accidentally hit by other objects or accidentally dropped to the ground will cause the gas pressure in the helium cylinder to be unstable, the rupture disc will bounce off and release the helium gas from the cylinder to avoid the explosion of the helium cylinder danger.